Finance structuring - concept development - capital procurement - and what else needs to be done


Renewable Energies

We develop since 2011 for and together with our customers matching financing concepts for each project. Together with our partners we can cover the whole range of functions from pure financing optimization to complete project planing and project development.
We concentrated more and more on emerging markets, whereby we can provide unique financing concepts.


Gradually our customers approached us with projects outside the market of renewable energies to support their financing.
Therefore we used our experience and extended our horizon at home and abroad in other fields of sustainability.
Over time continually new projects in the most diverse designs and regions were added, which aroused our passion even more.
New and different (products or services) don't discourage but encourage us.


Hence it didn't take long that innovative projects were brought to us to work out a holistic financing concept.
Besides concept development and capital procurement we support our customers with the preparation of the necessary documents, and thus cover here also, together with our network partners, a big spectrum of functions.